Jun 11th, 2010

Nate-Robinson-Boston-CelticsWell if the Celtics ever needed to really step things up it would be this game, game 4. The Boston Celtics have looked tired this series but I think they realized this during this game and told themselves a loss is not an option. It surely wasn’t a blow out by any means it came down to a very tight game and I think a lot of Boston Celtics fans where getting a bit nervous towards the end of the game. Us Boston fans usually like to keep a nice lead through the entire game and when you have to constantly trail behind your opponent it can get a bit nerve racking. I liked that Rondo wasn’t scared to drive the ball to the hoop which wasn’t really happening in the beginning of this series against the L.A Lakers. The Lakers have a lot of tall dudes and it can be tough to push through those beasts. My favorite player on the Celtics right now has to be Nate Robinson, aka little fitty. This dude looks like a smaller version of Fifty Cent. This guy comes off the bench gets the crowd all pumped up and drops like 10 three pointers. He is an entertainer to boot! The crowd loves this little man. I think a Robinson jersey is the cards for me right now. Final score Celtics 96, Lakers 89. Done.

Jan 05th, 2010

Check out the Adidas Phantom II sneaker featuring the classic Celtics green colorway way with lots of Boston Celtics logos splattered all over.


Nov 21st, 2009

Check these bad boys out. Boston Celtics Skull Candy head phones. I don’t know about you but these are pretty slick and they come with a jack so you can use them with a G1 or an iPhone.

Oct 31st, 2009

Check out this new Boston Celtics commercial that will be airing pretty soon.

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