Culture Rich

Boston culture is and always will be a ferocious and dense energy that can simply be felt by walking down any street in any neighborhood. Boston Knucklehead Clothing was grown to clench that energy and showcase it as one of Boston’s most influential and unique brands ever to hit the streets.

Born in 2008 BKH is the product of three creative minds aimed at supplying the most innovative Boston-based designs this side of the Charles River.

Boston Knucklehead Clothing combines all elements of Boston culture, history and pride into one new unique Boston-based, urban clothing brand.

BKH combines elements of the street and sprinkles of the community showing off everything from Boston history and hip-hop all the way to the skateboard and art scene. Being a Boston Knucklehead doesn’t have to be negative, in our eyes it shows your loyalty to one of the greatest cities this side of heaven.